Custom Songs

Do you have lyrics that never got off the page? A melody in your head? Do you need a love song that’s specifically tailored for that special someone? Or maybe you just want to have a song that finally tells your annoying coworker Dan to stop talking with his mouth full (ugh…Dan…).

Whatever your reason for wanting a song, I can make it for you. If it’s your dream to write a song, but can’t play any instruments, I can take your lyrics and turn them into a song of any genre. You can even sing it!

Or if you just need a song on a specific topic from start to completion, I can do that for you too. You can be as involved or as hands-off during the creative process as you like. I want to help you create music.


Have a listen to samples of custom songs I’ve made:

This is a custom theme song for a “Would you rather” game.


Here is custom theme music for a podcast bit called “Moment of Triumph”.


These samples are shorter in length but your song can be as long as you want. Everything is fully customizable!

Packages start at $150. Contact me for a quote.