Podcast Music

The average podcast loses 40% of listeners in the first 7 minutes. That’s a whole lot of listeners lost before a podcast even gets to the meat of what it’s trying to cover. Those first 7 minutes are make or break. A podcast needs to be captivating right from the start. That’s why the mot successful podcasts have intro music.

Intro music gives your podcast an air of professionalism right off the bat. It grabs the listener’s attention. It lets them know that you are not messing around. You have something to say so they better listen up. Whether consciously or not, music puts the listener at ease. It comforts them and makes them more receptive to what you have to say.

Almost as important as having music, is having your own music. Music that is unique to you and your message. Custom music can help to build your brand. It stays with the listener long after the podcast is over. The right music, can not only ensure that listeners stick around, it can bring them back for more.

Opening themes, segment bits, stings, outros, or all of the above. I can make you music that fits your podcast like a glove and helps convey your message. Have a listen to a few sample themes below:

Here’s a softer, more laid back intro:

Here’s one that starts off slow and pensive and finishes high energy.

Here’s a video game inspired theme:

This one has trumpets and piano. It also has a loopable portion in the middle for talking over as well as an outro. This option is available for any theme.

Regardless of what sort of theme, length, genre, or feel you need, we can make it happen. Packages start at $150. Full rights available. Contact me for a quote.