Kids’ Songs

Kids love music too! I spent 8 years teaching kindergarten in South Korea and during that time I learned just what a profound impact music has on children.

A catchy song with a positive message instantly engages a child and makes them so much more receptive to whatever message the song is trying to convey. Music is a perfect supplement to any lesson or activity. Having custom music, that is specific to the activity or the children, adds a level of excitement and involvement that is really special to see.

Whether you are a teacher, instructor, coach, mentor, counselor, anyone else that works with kids, I can create a custom song for your activity that is engaging and fun. Or if you just want to let a special kid know how cool they are on their birthday, I can write a song that is personally tailored for them.

All songs can be as specific or as general as you need. Everything is fully customizable! Packages start at $150. Contact me for a quote.