Top 10 EDM Songs of 2022: A Fresh Perspective on the Year’s Best Tracks

A Fresh Look at EDM in 2022

The year 2022 has proven to be a groundbreaking period in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene. We’ve seen a surge of creativity, novel soundscapes, and musical innovation like never before. This piece delves into the Top 10 EDM songs of 2022, offering a detailed critique of each groundbreaking track.

1. “Your Love (9PM)” by ATB, Topic, A7S

The song “Your Love (9PM)” is a rebirth of ATB’s enduring classic “9PM (Till I Come)”, but with a contemporary flair. The partnership with Topic and A7S infused the track with a revitalized and vibrant energy, cementing its place as one of the outstanding EDM songs of 2022.

2. “Leave The Door Open” (Silk Sonic) – DJ Amor Remix

The remix of Silk Sonic’s “Leave The Door Open” by DJ Amor resonated deeply with EDM enthusiasts globally. Its addictive rhythms and inventive sound engineering demonstrated that even popular pop tunes can evolve into striking EDM classics.

3. “All On Me” by Tungevaag & Rat City, featuring Rich The Kid

“All On Me” is a testament to Tungevaag & Rat City’s capacity to regularly deliver top-notch tracks. This track, highlighted by Rich The Kid, merges EDM and hip-hop elements, presenting an unusual fusion that enthralls listeners.

Top 10 EDM songs of 2022

4. “Follow You” by Cheat Codes featuring AJ Mitchell

Cheat Codes, alongside AJ Mitchell, hit the mark with “Follow You”. The pulsating beats of the track coupled with Mitchell’s remarkable vocal prowess render it one of 2022’s most unforgettable EDM songs.

5. “Regardless” (Raye & Rudimental) – Ofenbach Remix

The remix of “Regardless” by Raye & Rudimental by Ofenbach is a showcase of their remarkable remixing skills. The track beautifully combines deep house and tropical house elements, making it an irresistible choice for any dance playlist.

6. “Remember” by Becky Hill & David Guetta

“Remember”, a joint effort between Becky Hill and David Guetta, perfectly captures the thrilling energy and soul of EDM. With its compelling rhythm and enchanting vocals, it’s no surprise this track secured a spot in our top 10.

7. “Hero” by Afrojack & David Guetta

“Hero”, a collaboration between Afrojack and David Guetta, fuses potent lyrics with a catchy melody. This song reaffirms the duo’s unbeatable chemistry and their knack for creating chart-dominating hits.

8. “You Regret It” by R3HAB & Luis Fonsi

The collaboration between R3HAB and Luis Fonsi on “You Regret It” results in a distinct mix of EDM and Latin music. The track’s lively beats and addictive chorus secured its place on our rundown of the top 10 EDM songs of 2022.

9. “Cloud 9” by Beach Bunny (Tiesto Remix)

Tiesto’s remix of Beach Bunny’s “Cloud 9” is a perfect example of remixing done right. His distinctive EDM touch transformed the indie-pop tune into a dance floor anthem.

10. “Love Again” by Alesso & Armin van Buuren

“Love Again” is the outcome of a monumental collaboration between Alesso and Armin van Buuren. The track effortlessly merges euphoric synths with powerful vocals, making it a fitting finale to our list of the unforgettable edm mix songs best drops.

Final Thoughts

The Top 10 EDM songs of 2022 have demonstrated the versatility and inventiveness within the genre. From inventive remixes to genre-defying collaborations, these tracks have set a new standard for future EDM creations. As we anticipate what the remainder of the year has in store, one fact is clear: the future of EDM is bright with endless potential.

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