Why Elden Ring Should be on Nintendo Switch: A Comprehensive Analysis


Elite gamers and loyal fans have been craving for the Elden Ring to be on Nintendo Switch. In this comprehensive article, we will go through an in-depth analysis of why the Elden Ring, a highly popular action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware, should be available on the Nintendo Switch.

The Gameplay and Visual Experience of Elden Ring

The Elden Ring is renowned for its striking visuals, expansive landscapes and sophisticated gameplay. With its intricate plot and challenging bosses, players around the globe are eager to immerse themselves in this well-crafted universe.

Consider the huge opportunities offered by Nintendo Switch’s portability. Having Elden Ring on this platform would allow gamers to experience this phenomenal world anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of Nintendo Switch’s Unique Features to Elden Ring

Nintendo Switch has revolutionized the gaming industry with its distinctive features. Imagine using the Joy-Con controller’s motion sensitivity to mimic in-game movements. The Elden Ring gameplay could leverage these unique aspects to expand its engaging experience.

The Audience Appeal

With Nintendo Switch’s broad demographic appeal, the reach of Elden Ring would multiply manifold. From teens to adults, and casual gamers to enthusiasts, having Elden Ring on Nintendo Switch certainly make a compelling proposition for all.

Expanding Elden Ring’s Player Base

Nintendo Switch has a passionate and growing player base. Porting Elden Ring to Nintendo Switch would not only cater to this existing audience but also tap into a vast and diverse group of gamers across the world, positively impacting the sales and popularity of this epic game.

Technical Aspects: Adapting Elden Ring for Nintendo Switch

Of course, there are technical considerations when it comes to running Elden Ring on Nintendo Switch. However, with the right amount of optimization and fine-tuning, FromSoftware can recreate a seamless gaming experience on this handheld console, much like it did for the Dark Souls series.

Potential for Exclusive Content

Making Elden Ring available on Nintendo Switch opens doors for platform-exclusive content. From aesthetics, in-game items, to possibly an entirely new storyline unique to the Nintendo community, the opportunities are limitless.


In essence, introducing Elden Ring to Nintendo Switch has outstanding potential. From gameplay improvements utilizing Nintendo’s unique features, catering to a wide audience appeal, expanding the Elden Ring player base, overcoming technical limitations, to offering exclusive content, all signs point towards a successful collaboration between these two gaming giants.

Therefore, it’s clear — the Elden Ring belongs on the Nintendo Switch, and we hope to see this powerful partnership evolve in the future.

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