7 Essential Steps to Master Poison Build in Elden Ring


In the expansive universe of Elden Ring, countless methods are available to shape your character and gameplay. One fascinating yet frequently neglected tactic is the application of poison builds. This guide aims to navigate you through the process of mastering the poison build in Elden Ring, offering thorough insights and professional advice to help you overwhelm your foes with deadly toxicity.

Grasping the Poison Mechanic

Poison in Elden Ring functions distinctively. It slowly depletes an enemy’s health over time, making it a perfect fit for strategic players who favor a methodical, attrition-oriented approach. To utilize a poison build effectively, it’s critical to comprehend the fundamental mechanics of poison status.

Forming Your Poison Build Avatar

The initiation of a potent poison build character involves selecting the appropriate class. The Astronomer is a superb choice due to its expertise in incantations, including several that can inflict poison.

Procuring Poison Abilities

Upon class selection, the subsequent step is to acquire poison-inflicting abilities. Numerous incantations and spells in Elden Ring can impose poison status. Among these, Vile Venom and Noxious Breath are two of the most effective, both can be obtained relatively early in the gameplay.

Selecting Your Weapon

Picking the appropriate weapon is crucial to amplify your poison build. Weapons that strike multiple times rapidly, like dual-wielding daggers or rapiers, are optimal as they inflict poison status faster. Additionally, enhancing your weapon with a Rotwood Capsule adds poison damage to your attacks.

Tuning Your Equipment

Apart from your weapon, fine-tuning your equipment is necessary. The Crimson Spider Shield escalates resistance to status effects while the Venomous Trinket intensifies poison buildup on foes. Equipping both can augment your poison build’s potency.

poison build in Elden Ring

Sophisticated Tactics for Poison Build

Becoming proficient at a poison build isn’t merely about equipping the right items and abilities; it also encompasses adopting suitable tactics. Here are some advanced strategies to ponder:

  • Adopting a Defensive Style: Poison builds revolve around depleting opponents over time. Embrace a defensive gameplay, concentrating on evasion and striking when it’s safe.

  • Employing Hit-and-Run Tactics: Strike quickly, inflict your poison, then retreat to safety while your foe’s health diminishes.

  • Targeting Susceptible Enemies: Not all foes are equally prone to poison. Learn which adversaries are the most susceptible to maximize your build’s efficacy.

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Perfecting the art of the poison build in Elden Ring demands time and patience. Nevertheless, with the correct knowledge, equipment, and tactics, you can transform your character into a lethal toxic warrior. Whether you’re engaging with formidable bosses or combating other players in PvP, a well-executed poison build can be a formidable tool in your Elden Ring arsenal.

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