Top 10 Insights for an Elden Ring Mage Build Guide: An In-Depth Examination

The Premise

Embark on a journey with our in-depth Elden Ring Mage Build Guide. This detailed exploration will arm you with the knowledge to craft a powerful mage, able to cast fearsome spells and leave foes trembling in their wake.

Section 1: Grasping Mage Build Fundamentals

The essence of the mage build in Elden Ring is founded on three core attributes: intelligence, faith, and attunement.

Intelligence is your leading attribute, dictating the strength of your sorceries. A high intelligence level means your spells will deal more damage.

Faith has a significant role in amplifying the power of incantations, a magic form that combines both sorceries and miracles.

Attunement is key as it regulates your focus points (FP), which are used each time you cast a spell. Greater attunement means more FP, facilitating frequent spell casting.

Section 2: The Ideal Starting Class

Selecting the optimal starting class is crucial in Elden Ring. For a mage build, the Astrologer emerges as the most suitable choice. Starting as an Astrologer equips you with a strong base in intelligence and attunement, giving you a head start in your adventure.

Section 3: Spell Selection Strategy

Your spell selection as a mage should reflect your gameplay style and strategy. Spells are your primary tools for combat and can dramatically influence the outcome of battles.

Glacial Spike, a sorcery spell that summons an ice spike to skewer enemies, is excellent for long-range attacks and battlefield control.

Cosmic Rift, an incantation that generates a black hole to draw in and harm enemies within its range, is ideal for managing crowds and dealing with multiple adversaries simultaneously.

Crimson Flame, engulfing enemies in a sea of fire, causing significant ongoing damage, is indispensable for any mage.

Elden Ring Mage Build Guide

Section 4: Optimal Equipment for Mage Build

The right gear can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. For a mage build, consider these recommendations:

The Stargazer’s Staff is arguably the best weapon for a mage. This staff amplifies the power of your spells, making them more deadly to your foes.

The Astrologer’s Robe boosts your magic resistance and increases your FP recovery rate, facilitating more frequent spell casting.

The Sorcerer’s Ring is a vital accessory for any mage. This ring enhances your intelligence, further augmenting the strength of your spells.

Section 5: Mage Leveling Strategy

As you traverse Elden Ring, leveling up your mage becomes increasingly important. Focus on boosting your intelligence and attunement to increase the power and frequency of your spells. Don’t overlook your faith, especially if you intend to use incantations.

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Crafting the ultimate mage in Elden Ring involves a deep comprehension of game mechanics, strategic class selection, careful spell selection, optimal gear acquisition, and thoughtful leveling. Armed with this Elden Ring Mage Build Guide, you are now ready to forge a powerful mage that can dominate the battlefield and conquer Elden Ring.

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